Jan 13, 2015

Preferred Cobia Pole

I believe it is an acrlic enamel paint. Every time I put them on the boat, it rubs off on my gel coat. Anybody have any ideas of a better paint? maybe coat them with a coat of clear???

Need some Help 2 Board vs 3 Board Planers

I just love to talk about fishing gear and equipment, so whats everbodies favorite rod reel and line set up for cobia chumming fishing? Mine is a 7'6" heavy action penn rampage boat rod with a fin nor lethal ltc 30 loaded with 30lb ande mono tied to a 60lb berkley mono shock leader.

1-11-2015 Deep Dropping

Fished the Ocean Venture and the Norfolk Canyon area yesterday w/ Jody, Wally, Davie and Ricky. 15 Blueline Tile w/ 7 over 10lbs and 1 Golden Tile. A few large seabass released while trying to jig for bluefish.

Question planner board paint is rubbing off

I have a 22' cuddy cabin.